Success Stories

Meet Alexandria
Alexandria is an apprentice at the Colorado Workforce Development Council (CWDC) 

photo of Alexandria Boyer and coworkers
Alexandria and her colleagues at the Colorado Workforce Development Council.

What made you decide to become an apprentice? 
I decided to be an apprentice because I wanted to get some experience in the business world before I completely decide what I want to major in and do in life. 

What is the best part of being an apprentice or what has been a highlight so far?
The best part of being an apprentice would be the work, because you learn so many things that you would not otherwise learn from being in the classroom. I have already learned a little bit about professional communication and also a little about how the budget is handled. 

What advice would you give others considering becoming an apprentice? 
It is a great experience but sometimes it can get stressful with balancing the apprenticeship and school but you just have to remember to continue working hard and realize that it will pay off. 

How do you see being an apprentice helping you reach your goals? 
This apprenticeship will most likely help me get into a great university after high school. It will also look amazing on my resume, which means it will also help me find a good career after the apprenticeship is over. 

Anything else you want to share? 
Working for CWDC has been a great learning experience for me to understand business and government. I’ve also had a blast for the 4 months I have been working here. Meet Lauryn Backen an Apprentice at Colorado Department of Higher Education (CDHE) 

Meet April

Picture of April

April is a student at George Washington High School who has minimal home support. After connecting with the Goodwill Youth Facilitator at her school, she was accepted into an internship at Sunrise Senior Living for the summer of 2017 through the DPS CareerConnect program. During her internship, April was placed in the dining service and always greeted the residents with a big smile. She expressed that her goal is to make sure she does her job to the best of her ability, so every resident feel cared for. April was often seen helping residents choose a meal, offering suggestions like a veteran waitress! She displayed true professionalism throughout the program by responding to emails in a timely manner, keeping her time sheet updated and always advocating for herself when she needs help, clarification or has questions. At the CareerConnect celebration at the end of the summer, April was awarded the Most Outstanding Intern award, presented by Mayor Michael Hancock!

Meet Lauryn Backen
Lauryn Backen is an Apprentice at Colorado Department of Higher Education (CDHE)

Lauryn’s supervisor, Stephanie, regularly works with Lauryn to give her the skills she needs to be successful in the office.
Lauryn’s supervisor, Stephanie, regularly works with Lauryn to give her the skills she needs to be successful in the office.

Meet Nate Williams
Nate Williams is an Apprentice at Hoptocopter Films.

photo of Nate Williams

Meet Lindsay

Photo of Lindsey
Lindsay is a rising senior at Denver East High School interning for the second time at NOAA through the DPS CareerConnect program that Goodwill Industries of Denver helps facilitate. She has spent time at her internship creating a streamlined version of the Earth System Research Laboratory (ESRL) website. Lindsay familiarized herself with ESRL and its different divisions, then spent time exploring each division’s website, learning about their most important research topics and products, determining which to highlight on the website. She also added content to the website such as news stories, main office contact information and visitor information. Lindsay also used her newly developed HTML coding skills to help with coding new parts of the website such as an embedded twitter feed and an organization chart. “Through this work I learned a lot more about HTML coding, the organization of the NOAA ESRL, and the amazing research that goes on there,” said Lindsay of her continuing internship at NOAA.

Meet Mehmet

Mehmet interned at NOAA through the DPS CareerConnect program that Goodwill Industries of Denver helps facilitate. Mehmet was part of the Science On Sphere (SOS) team. She spent a lot of time working with SOSx—the NOAA software that helps display 3D models of Earth, other planets, datasets and many other 3D models. During her internship, Mehmet created a 3D model of the Saturn V, which was later implemented into the SOSx software. She also helped create a “tour” where you use the SOSx software to display data or explain topics. Mehmet’s tour explained the Apollo 11 mission as well as the science behind space exploration.